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This features some of our cardio equipment, cable machines, leg machines & TRX


Personalized Fitness Chester Springs

Personalized Fitness Chester Springs will allow you to find sustainable wellness in

 as little as 2 quick sessions a week.

Personalized Fitness has been building a healthy community in Chester Springs 

since 2008!

 ' We Take Things Personal'

is the philosophy that we have built our business around. 

We offer a FREE personal assessment to understand what each client needs to personalize their training program, and their nutritional guidance.     

We have an extremely knowledgeable staff that offers highly motivated, personalized workouts in a safe and friendly environment.

Once you start you will see how indispensable we are!   

Sign up for your Free Assessment today! 

Kettlebell Strong


By Appointment ONLY

Mon, Wed, Fri: 6:00am - 7:30pm
Tues & Thursday 6:30am - 7:30pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Free weights & Dumbbells


Personal Training allows us to customize your fitness program specifically to meet your goals in a fun, safe & motivating way. 
Our training styles help maintain YOUR everyday life and transition you to your next fitness goal effectively. Learn the proper form, technique & movement patterns from your Personal Trainer.
Get started today with your Free assessment!

Small Group Personal Training


Experience a fun, motivating training style with 2 or 4 people training along side you with your own personalized training program.
If you want the assured knowledge of a personal trainer, a personalized workout plan, & the motivation of another goal seeking person The side-kick training program is a great option for you.
Get started today with your Free assessment! 

Post Physical Therapy Workouts


What's Next? After working with your physical therapist we can help you learn the correct strength training technique as your personal trainer guides you with  the correct form, weight and movements for you.This will give you the confidence and knowledge to workout with ease. 

Get started today with your Free assessment!

Sports Conditioning


Training for all athletes.

Stay conditioned and avoid injury. We will be sure to help you build during your off season and maintain throughout your sport season.
Off Season - Prep 
In Season - Maintenance

Get started today with your Free assessment!

Personal Training


Find the Right One for You



Monday, Wednesday & Friday's 6:00 am 

Join us for Cardio, Strength, Intervals, TRX, Weight Lifting and Body Weight Exercise Mix Up for a healthy body and mind.

An intense 50 MIN workout for an extreme calorie burn.

 (6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.)

Planned workouts with a trainer to get you through your workout efficiently. 

Come join our BOOT CAMP Training...your workout will be waiting.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m.

Join us for Interval Power Hour and exercise your way to a healthy body and mind. Interval Power Hour techniques build a strong body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of abilities, from beginner to advanced.

Treat yourself today —

you deserve it!

Girl Doing Push-Ups
physical therapy

Physical  Therapy

InstaCare Physical Therapy

We help you stay active and pain free

1-on-1 treatment

Doctors of Physical Therapy

No script or referral required

Strength Coach

Fit This Way @ Personalized Fitness

Call us to register with Andrew Clauser
Overall Health and Well-being is his priority!

Personalized Fitness Team

Get to Know Us

We are Certified Personal Trainers that understand the vast needs & goals of our populations journey toward a healthy life. That is why we assess each client individually to recognize both their strengths and weaknesses along with considering their personal goals. This information allows our trainers to PERSONALIZE the workout for your progress toward optimal health and performance.

Personal Trainer & Group Trainer


Cathy is a Certified Personal Trainer with 30 years of fitness experience. Cathy has been part of the Personalized Fitness team for 6 years with an incredible following!

Meet Your Trainer


A Fitness Studio with plenty of space and all the right mix of Free Weights, TRX, Cardio Machines &

knowledgable trainers to give anyone the workout they need!

*We Follow CDC Guidelines So We Can Continue To Promote Healthy Lifestyles*


223 Windgate Drive Chester Springs

We contact most people in the evening through e-mail.

Normal daytime hours we spend with our clients on the gym floor

(610) 458-2128

Located In Weatherstone

Next to Henrietta Hankin Library



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